What is the Belgian Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG National Championship?

The Belgian National Championship is a Tier 3 tournament in which players will compete to win an invitation to the WCQ: Continental Championship as well as various prizes.

Participants in the National Championships are expected to meet the highest standards of sportsmanship and must be fully prepared for the event.

When and where will the Belgian National Championship take place?

This event will take place on the weekend of May 20th and 21st 2023 at the Centre Artistique Jumetois. You will have to confirm your participation by submitting your Decklist on Neuron no later than Friday May 19th at 7:00 PM.

How much does it cost to participate in the event?

Participation in the main event is available through the purchase of 5 Boosters at 20€.

You can find out how to participate in public events in the "Sides Events" section.

What format will be used for the main event?

The entire tournament will be in the advanced constructed format, BO 3.

Can I participate in more than one National Championship?

Konami does not allow participation in multiple Nationals in the same year. You risk having your player account suspended if you are caught breaking this rule.

Will public events be available?

See details in the "Sides Events" section.

How long does the tournament last?

The tournament is planned for 200 players, 8 rounds on Saturday. A top cut of 16 players is planned on Sunday. The main tournament should therefore end on Sunday before 5pm.

Do I need to complete and submit a Decklist?

Yes, all participants will have to send a Decklist via Neuron, this confirms your participation.

The Decklist must be handed in before Friday May 19th at 7pm, otherwise you will not be able to participate in the event.

Which cards are allowed?

You can find the list of prohibited and limited cards here.

I have never been to a National Championship, what should I expect?

The National Championships are important tournaments attracting competitive players who wish to qualify for the WCQ: Continental Championship.

Various public events are also available to win numerous prizes and sharpen your playing skills.

You will need a Konami account and a Konami ID for the event. To do this, you can go to the Konami website or via the Neuron app and create an account.

You must arrive at least 30min before the start of the event.

You should have read the Konami tournament manual carefully.

This document gives you the guidelines and details on how to organize such an event.

You can find the manual here.

What do I need for the National Championship?

You will need to have a Deck that conforms to the format, your Decklist and any material needed by your Deck (tokens, dice, counters...).

For the recovery of Boosters, you will need to show an ID, remember to have one on you.

Remember to bring something to eat and drink during the day, a food stand will be on site if needed.