Here are our preparation tips before the Belgian National Championship:

- Get your Konami ID back! If you don't have one, you can download the Neuron application on your phone, create a Konami account and get a Konami ID.

- If you already have a Konami ID, you must use the one on Neuron to register.

- Prepare your decklist in advance if you have the chance!

- When preparing your favorite deck for the championship, don't forget to take into account the list of banned and restricted cards.

Here are the materials you may need:

  o Paper and pens, to keep track of your life points.

  o Spare card covers for your deck.

  o A watch to keep track of time. However, there will be timers in the room to keep track of how much time is left in the round!

  o A die to determine who will start the game, or if you have effects that require rolling. A coin will also work for the heads or tails.

  o Food and drink. Please note that a refreshment stand will be available throughout the event. There will be no meal breaks!